OPVS research Project

— « Old Pious Vernacular Successes »

European Union funding (ERC Starting Grant) — 1.xi.2010 to 31.x.2015

Principal investigator : GéraldineVeysseyre (IRHT-CNRS, University Paris IV-Sorbonne)

The OPVS project focusses on those vernacular religious texts which circulated most widely in medieval Europe; its purpose is to study their manuscript tradition and circulation in Western Europe from the 1250s to the 1450s. The market for religious books was particularly active then, so the project focusses explicitly on those texts which were the most popular at the time.


I. The OPVS project articulates two basic objectives:

  1. documenting these works’ success
  2. scrutinizing their manuscript tradition in order to assess their impact on late medieval written culture, spirituality and religious practices.